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Uday Narayan Pandey v. State Of U.P. And Another - WRIT - A No. 4485 of 2006 [2006] RD-AH 16166 (15 September 2006)


This is an UNCERTIFIED copy for information/reference. For authentic copy please refer to certified copy only. In case of any mistake, please bring it to the notice of Joint Registrar(Copying).


Court No. 38

Civil Misc. Writ Petition No. 4485 of 2006

Uday Narayan Pandey


State of U.P.  and others

Hon'ble V.K. Shukla, J.

Petitioner has approached this Court for quashing of the order dated 03.02.2004, by means of which his claim for being regularized as Collection Amin has been refused only on the ground that petitioner has become over age.

Learned counsel for petitioner placed reliance on D.O. Letter dated 10.11.2000, issued by the Board of Revenue to the District Magistrates through out the State. The said Circular dated 10.11.200 issued by the Commissioner and Secretary, Board of Revenue, U.P. at Lucknow,  is being quoted below:


  vk;qDr ,oa lfpo]

      jktLo ifj"kn] mRrj izns'k]

  vuqHkkx&2 y[ku�?

leLr ftykf/kdkjh

   mRrj izns'k

la[;k % 17401&502@2&laxzg&47&2000] fnukad % 10 uoEcj] 2000

fo"k;%& ,dhd`r laxzg ;kstuk ds varxZr fu;q:Dr fd;s x;s laxzg vehuksa ,oa laxzg pijkfl;ksa dh vk;q esa NwV fn;s tkus ds lEcU/k esa


izk;% ns[kk tkrk gS fd mRrj izns'k jktLo laxzg vehu lsok fu;ekoyh ikpoka la'kks/ku 1992 ,oa 'kklukns'k la[;k &57@1&7&96 fnukad 8&1&96 esa fufgr izkfo/kkuksa ds varxZr ik= gksrs gq;s Hkh ,sls lkef;d laxzg vehuksa@lkef;d laxzg pijkfl;ksa dh fu;fer laxzg vehu@laxzg pijklh ds in ij fu;qfDr ugha gks ikrh gS ftudh fu/kkZfjr vk;q 45 o"kZ ls vf/kd gks tkrh gSA

'kklukns'k la[;k&1086@17&fjV&201@99 fnukad 21&6&2000 esa 'kklu }kjk ik;k x;k gS fd lhtuy laxzg vehuksa dh Hkjrh esa vk;q esa NwV nsus ds fy;s ftys ls izLrko dj jktLo ifj"kn }kjk fu;ekuqlkj vk;q esa NwV iznku dh tk;A

vLrq fopkjksijkUr ekuuh; ifj"kn us ;g fu.kZ; fy;k gS fd fu"i{k fuLrkj.k] U;k; ,oa yksdfgr esa ,sls lkef;d laxzg vehuksa@lkef;d laxzg pijkfl;ksa dh ftudh p;u o"kZ dh igyh tqykbZ dks 45 o"kZ ls vf/kd vk;q gks x;h gS vkSj 'kq: ls vUr rd vPNs vkpj.k dks lfEefyr djrs gq;s xr 4 Qlyksa esa de ls de 70 izfr'kr olwyh dh gks@ de ls de 4 Qlyksa esa larks"ktud dk;Z fd;k gks dks fu;fer fjDr in ij fu;qDr fd;s tkus ds mn~ns'; ls fu/kkZfjr vk;q lhek 45 o"kZ ls vf/kd dh vk;q dks f'kfFky djus@VwV nsus ij fopkj fd;k tk;sxkA

vr,o eq>s ;g dgus dk funsZ'k gqvk gS fd fu;ekoyh ,oa 'kklukns'kksa esa fufgr izkfo/kku ds vUrxZr laxzg vehu@laxzg pijklh ds fjDr inksa esa ls 35 izfr'kr@50 izfr'kr inksa dks vuqi;qDr dks NksM`rs gq, T;s"Brk ds vk/kkj ij  lkef;d laxzg vehuksa@lkef;d laxzg pijkfl;ksa ls Hkjus ds fy;s izR;sd p;u o"kZ esa p;u lfefr }kjk fopkj@p;u fd;k tk;A p;u lfefr }kjk ;fn fdlh ,sls lkef;d laxzg vehu@lkef;d laxzg pijklh dk p;u dj fy;k gS ftudh vk;q izFke fu;qfDr dh fnukad dks fu/kkZfjr vk;q lhek dh ifjf/k esa Fkh ,oa 'kq: ls vUr rd vPNs vkpj.k dks lfEefyr djrs gq;s xr 4 Qlyksa dh olwyh de ls de 70 izfr'kr gks@de ls de 4 Qlyksa rd larks"ktud dk;Z fd;k gk]s ijUrq mudh vk;q p;u o"kZ dh igyh tqykbZ dks 45 o"kZ ls vf/kd gks x;h gks] dh vk;q esa NwV nsus gsrq xr 4 Qlyksa dh 'kq) ekax] olwyh fooj.k ,oa p;u lfefr }kjk ns[ks x;s vfHkys[k@laLrqfr] Lo;a dh laLrqfr lfgr fuEukafdr izk:i ij izLrko e.Myk;qDr ds ek/;e ls ifj"kn dks miyO/k djkuk fuf'pr djus dk d"V djsa! ;g Hkh lqfuf'pr djkus dk d"V djsa fd 35 o"kZ dh vk;q ds vH;FkhZ ftudk p;u lfefr }kjk p;u dj fy;k x;k gks dks rc rd fu;qDr u fd;k tk; tc rd fd ifj"kn }kjk vk;q esa NwV iznku ugha dj nh tkrh

lkef;d laxzg vehu

@lkef;d laxzg pijklh dk uke

tUe frfFk

'kSf{kd ;ksX;rk

lkef;d laxzg dehZ ds :i esa izFke fu;qfDr dk fnukad


@tuin tgka fu;qDr fd;k x;k

'kq) ekax Qlyokj

olwyh Qlyokj









p;u lfefr dh laLrqfr

ftykf/kdkjh dh laLrqfr







              vij lfpo

d`rs vk;qDr ,oa lfpo

la[;k ,oa fnukad mijksDrA

izfrfyfi lleLr e.Myk;qDr] m0iz0 dks bl vuqjks/k ds lkFk izsf"kr fd ftykf/kdkjh ls izkIr izLrko ij fopkj dj viuh laLrqr Hkh nsus dk d"V djsaA

vkKk ls]


            vij lfpo

d`rs vk;qDr ,oa lfpo

In terms of this letter, subject to fulfillment of other terms and conditions, candidature of a candidate has to be considered, and thereafter matter has to be referred to the Board of Revenue, and the Board  of Revenue is empowered to grant age relaxation. Coupled with this, this very impugned order has been quashed by this court (Lucknow Bench) in writ petition No.1425 (S/S) of 2004 on 25.04.2006, in following terms:

"In view of the aforesaid facts and circumstances, I find it a fit case for issuing a writ of mandamus to the respondents to consider the petitioners' case for regularisation on the post of collection Amin in accordance with the Uttar Pradesh Collection Amins' Service (Sixth Amendment) Rules, 2004.

Accordingly, the writ petition is allowed and a writ of mandamus is issued to the respondents to consider the petitioners' case for regularisation under the Uttar Pradesh Collection Amins' Service (Sixth Amendment) Rules, 2004 along with other similarly situated and Senior Seasonal Collection  Amins against the sanctioned posts, in accordance with law within a period of three months ignoring the impugned order dated 3.2.2004."

In view of the aforesaid, present writ petition is also disposed of on the same terms, with same direction. District Magistrate, Deoria is directed  to consider the claim of petitioner strictly in accordance with the provisions as contained under U.P. Collection Amin Service (Sixth Amendment) Rules, 2004 as well as the Circular dated 10.11.2000, and thereafter in the event of each and every condition being fulfilled, the matter be sent through Commissioner to the Board of Revenue for purposes of relaxation in age.

In terms of above observations and direction, present writ petition stands allowed and disposed of.




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